Vitamin- C: immune enhancing properties and possible antiviral effect

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During ongoing corona virus pandemic many health experts are advising people to consume Vitamin- C everyday. It is among the treatments due to it’s various immune enhancing properties and possible antiviral effect.

So, here is our third blog for #HealthTherapy discussing about Vitamin- C.

WHAT IS VITAMIN- C/Ascorbic acid/Ascorbate??

– Water soluble element, can not be naturally produced in body, found in fruits and veggies.

General Health:

– Vitamin-C is a powerful antioxidant and protect from harmful molecules called free radicals (When free radicals accumulate,they can promote a state known as oxidative stress which has been linked to many chronic diseases) .

– It promotes phagocytosis by producing lymphocytes and kill harmful substances.

– It relaxes the blood vessel and carry blood from heart which reduces blood pressure.

– It prevents deposition of uric acid in the joints and protect against gout attacks or arthritis.

-It lowers bad cholesterol level.

Dental Health:

– Supports periodontal health by synthesis of collagen.

– Produce immune cells and prevents gingival infection.

– Facilitate healing of the periodontium due to strong antioxidant capacity that allows to inactivate ROS (review of system) which damage structure and function of tissues.

RDA (recommended dietary allowance) for Vitamin- C
75mg for women &
90mg for men.

Sources of Vitamin- C are shown in the picture below.

Dr. Fatema Tabassum Anam
Health Activist & PR officer
Tooth Fairy Foundation.