Potential role of Zinc in prophylaxis and treatment of Covid-19

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The doctors of all over the world are prescribing Zinc as they think Zinc possesses potential role in prophylaxis and treatment of Covid-19.
When looking at Zinc for Covid-19, the patients identified at most risk of a fatal outcome from those who have diabetes,cardiovascular disease,respiratory disease,obesity or cancer,are all at higher risk of Zn defeciency.

Here comes our second blog for #HealthTherapy giving you some information about Zinc.

Zinc is second most common trace element/mineral found in cells after Iron.


General Health:

* According to European Journal of Immunology, the human body needs Zn to activate T lymphocytes which controls and regulates immune response and destroy RNA of viruses.

* According to WHO, Zn pills may help reduce diarrhoea.

* Research conducted at The University of Toronto, Zinc effects on learning and memory.

* As noted in ancient Greek medical text Zn oxide was used in oinments to heal wounds.

Recommonded Dietary Allowance for Zn
# Female – 8mg
# Male – 11mg

But Zn overdose causes toxicity resembling symptoms like nausea,vomitting,cramps or diarrhoea.

Dental Health:

* Zn reduces demineralization.
* Helps remineralization as well as decay or caries may have reduced.
*Effective against gingivitis,periodontitis and malodour.






Sources of Zinc are shown in the pictures below.

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Dr. Fatema Tabassum Anam
Health Activist & PR officer
Tooth Fairy Foundation