Black Fungus

A Bangladeshi hospital in the capital Dhaka has detected two cases of black fungus, which has been declared an epidemic in neighboring India, according to official sources.

One of the patients, aged 45, was diagnosed with black fungus, medically known as mucormycosis, on May 8 and the other, aged 60, on May 23, the local Daily Star newspaper reported Tuesday, citing officials at Birdem General Hospital.
“In our lab, we confirmed two patients with mucormycosis. We are treating them and trying to control their blood sugar,” the report quoted Lovely Barai, an associate professor with the department of microbiology at the hospital, as saying.

So this is recent news about Black Fungus.
Lets discuss some points.

Trigger factors:

  • Use of steroids, a life saving treatment for severe and critically ill COVID patients ,
    Steroids reduce inflammation,
    Stop damages of cell,
    Fight off corona virus,
    But also reduce immunity,
    Push up blood sugar level in both diabetic and non diabetic COVID patients.
  • unhygienic environment during oxygenation
  • repeated use of same masks
    Antifungal intravenous injection (which costs almost 4k per injection ) everyday for upto 8-10 weeks. Which is really expensive for middle or lower class patients.
    1) Maintain hygiene
    2) Maintain proper ventilation of rooms (sunlight and air can easily pass )
    3) Take immunity boosting foods

Stay fit and Stay safe.

Dr. Fatema Tabassum Anam
Health Activist and Public Relations Officer
Tooth Fairy Foundation.