Webinar: Lip repositioning surgery, why, when and how – by Dr. Manoj Humagain

( 22.09.20)webinar, at 9 PM-BST,8.45 NST, Presented by Professor Dr. Manoj Humagain, A nepalian periodontist, he is also student of Dhaka dental College, batch D34. His Topic is “Lip repositioning surgery, why, when and how? ”
Chairperson of today’s seminar is Professor Dr. Mostaque Sattar, Ex principal, city dental College, Moderator Dr. Alvee Rahman, President, Tooth fairy Foundation. some national and foreign periodontist and orthodontist like- Anirban Chatterjee, Jalal Mahmood, Hossain Zahid, Mahmood Sajedeen, Anupam Podder, Mizanur rahman are panel members in this program.