4th International Symposium – Academic Based Clinical Dentistry (March 3, 2023)


I’m pleased to welcome you all to the 4th Academic Based Clinical Dentistry (ABCD) International Symposium 2023 held at Le Meridian, Dhaka.

Year comes and year goes but thirst for knowledge continues to grow among Dental Surgeons of Bangladesh. Delightful participation in every year’s academic conference from across the country proves it well. The pressure of arranging better program than past is what has driven us to arrange this year’s symposium at the best five star of Bangladesh with the best speakers of the world.

I thank both members of world-renowned Style Italiano & Tomorrow Tooth dental education groups for always participating with Tooth Fairy Foundation and help us thriving success. It is an honor and privilege for us to have speakers and trainers from both group to every symposium we arrange. This collaboration will surely enrich more in near future.

Special thanks to Mediplus, dental traders, pharmaceuticals, oral hygiene product companies, financial institutes, and other companies for actively helping us arrange this conference by sponsoring it whole- heartedly. Without them, this would be hardly possible.

Heartfelt thanks to the Govt of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, DGHS, Bangladesh Dental Society, BSMMU and Principals of all dental colleges of Bangladesh for helping us promote this academic conference and actively participating in it.

ABCD sees a future of next generation smart dentistry being practiced in Bangladesh. We hope to deliver all cutting-edge technologies to the mindset of Bangladeshi Dental Surgeons. This is the dream we cherish for every year with every symposium we arrange.

Thanks again for participating in 4th Academic Based Clinical Dentistry (ABCD) International Symposium- 2023.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Alvee Rahman


President of Tooth Fairy Foundation