Not only in fasting days, you have to drink wisely always

Ramadan mubarak to everyone 🌙
This years ramadan starts with summer.
So we all have to be extra cautious about our health. Drink water as much as you can after breaking the fast. Not only in fasting days, you have to drink wisely always. Here is a very important topic today we are going to share.
The consumption of water on empty stomach is beneficial against some illnesses such as
Body pain
Heart issues
Kidney issues etc

-Immediately after waking up before brushing your teeth on an empty stomach consume minimum 2/3 glass of water

then brush your teeth

but don’t consume or eat anything for the next 20/30 minutes

once the 20/30 minutes passed, you can now drink or eat healthy breakfast anything you want or in ramadan days you can drink lots of water or juices in iftar first, 10/15 minutes later you can consume healthy foods.

this method has the ability to kill various illness.

get extra energy by consuming water.

cleanse your gut by removing all the waste and make you feel hungry

stimulates red blood cells which in turn boost the level of energy

helps metabolism so helps in losing weight

improves hair

prevent kidney stone formation

boosts immunity and kills infection

Stay safe and healthy!
Dr. Fatema Tabassum Anam
Health Activist and Public Relations Officer
Tooth Fairy Foundation.