International Seminar on Smile Design 2017

ISSD 2017

Greetings! ISSD’ 17 is arranged as the First Digital Dental Scientific Conference of Bangladesh, which also includes an International Dental Trade Fair. The primary objective of the seminar is to introduce the practicing dental surgeons to the latest clinical knowledge & technology available & a way for the dental researcher to demonstrate their innovations.

As we, all know the world is rapidly developing & our doctors are struggling to embrace the latest technologies because they are not showcased properly in our country. In addition, dental surgeons of Bangladesh practicing outside the capital has very limited access for discussion with the leading practitioners of our country, not to mention worldwide.

In this occasion, we have brought highly skilled & renowned Dental Surgeons & Researchers from various countries to lecture & demonstrate different technique sensitive protocols of dentistry & we have invited the best Dental Surgeons of Bangladesh to share their clinical knowledge with a large community of dentists participating in ISSD.

There are Hands-on-Workshops & limited attendance lectures arranged for skilling up fresh & advanced practitioners.

An international dental trade fair is arranged side by side to help promote latest clinical apparatus from various countries that can be used by our dental surgeons to improve the standard of their practice.

Thanks everyone for participating in this grand conference. As the President of Tooth Fairy, I feel very proud to see my organization arranging such a big event with ICTTRD’B. Hope to see you all in each & every program of both Tooth Fairy & ICTTRD’B.




Dr. Alvee Rahman

President of Tooth Fairy Foundation

Member Secretary of the Organizing Committee of ISSD’17